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A Brand Strategist with a Strong

Design Background.

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I grew up in Richmond, VA playing soccer, making art, singing and performing.

During high school from 2008-2012, my interest in logos and typography led to becoming certified as a Graphic Designer at School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY.

It was clear to me that that the language of design was important to learn in order to effectively communicate what was on my mind through utilizing the elements of design.

A BFA curriculum at VCUArts was my opportunity to understand ancient civilizations, cultures, and reference that understanding when applying creative skill to traditional and digital mediums. It made sense to highlight the connections between the old and the new, to create awareness of the why; why things are the way they are now, and why things used to be how they were way back when, always defining my answer in an abstract style that acted as a conversation starter, the main reason for my creations. From there, relationships are born and nurtured into a deep connection to be trusted in further business relations.

For 5 years after undergraduate in arts and culture, being a freelancer taught me how to manage a creative business from the perspective of an open-minded entrepreneur. I wanted to immerse myself in the community and be an organic part of why we thrived as a whole, wherever life took me. 

Working with clients in several industries, I was able to observe first-hand some of the discrepancies with their work internally and externally, and my own as well. From this understanding, I realized a greater purpose for myself to creatively manage brands and provide strategic services to help figure out what was needed for these companies to continue on the path of success and sustainability with a unique creative razor edge that would cut through the norm.  

Since 2010, yoga became a part of developing a clearer state of awareness on this path. I received a Karuna 200 HR Teacher Training Certification in 2017 which enabled me to confidently lead others in the practice of mindfulness and self-compassion. 

Luckily today, attending the VCU Brandcenter gives me the opportunity to hone in on a skillset fit for a Brand Strategist.

This process has affirmed a greater sense of purpose for discovering and solving some of the worlds problems strategically and creatively. 

Looking ahead, I hope to internship during the summer of 2018 so that I may continue to evoke a greater sense of meaning.

I'll become a Master of Science with a Focus in Branding by May 2019, and soon after begin a career as a Brand Strategist.


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