Alexander MacMillan Whiteway - BRAND STRATEGY

Project Details

Client : Personal Chef To Go

Location : Richmond, VA, United States

Target : Families with Latchkey Kids / Stay-at-Home Seniors

Brief: The 1.5 Billion dollar prepared meal plan and meal kit market is growing quickly, about %7 of its current size each year. Personal Chef To Go was one of the first to hit the market, ten years ago. They're looking to expand and they want to know where to put their money to see the kind of growth they're projecting - From $2 Million to $10 Million in 5 years time. 

Opportunity: Personal Chef to Go was one of the first to provide a Meal Plan Delivery Service, ten years ago. They had a large menu, and their processes were all in-house - lots of flexibility here. 

Problem: The Personal Chef to Go brand values were unclear, the consumer touch points were impersonal and outdated, and the target was a blur.

Solution: Define a Brand Purpose and stick to a set of defined values to carry across through a 5 year internal core brand redevelopment and cohesive marketing plan that targets a specific category of consumers in a niche area of the Meal Plan Delivery Service Market. 



I conducted secondary research to determine the state of the Delivered Meal Plan Service Market, and to understand Grocery Shopping Statistics, and Internet Shopping, so that our team could define a Target for Personal Chef to Go. I developed the strategy for the 5 year Business Plan, and worked with the team to define core values and a higher level purpose for the brand to emanate. 


Andrew Allen ( ST )

Miya Cheung ( CBM )

Mary Gray Johnson ( ST )

Alexander M. Whiteway ( CBM )